Napa County Farm Bureau is thrilled to work with the Ag Commissioner’s office in coordination of the art contest for the images that adorn the 2016 Crop Report. Farm Bureau offers our praise for the work of those in the Ag Commissioner’s office in bringing this information to the public. Nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars in “farm gate” value is an impressive number. It represents the hard work of farmers and the community partnership between the farming community and local government which sustains our agricultural activities. California farmers and especially those in Napa County are leaders in sustainability, efficiency, (getting more “crop per drop” of irrigation), and science-based decision-making.

Our agricultural success is also based on the foundation of our treasured Ag Preserve. 2018 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Ag Preserve’s founding in 1968, and Farm Bureau is pleased to partner with the Jack L. Davies Ag Land Preservation Fund and all of the farming industry groups locally to help spread the word. We have contracted locally with the PR firm Balzac Communications to help make the Ag Preserve more visible in the run-up to this 50th anniversary, with efforts including a scholarship campaign for high school students pursuing college study of agriculture, a three-part series of short educational videos, creation of a new website to be a clearinghouse of information, a summer Love of the Land event, and signage to help educate the tourists who come to Napa Valley to enjoy the world class finished wines and scenery but may not realize that they are entering ‘the Preserve.’

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