(Content provided from Region 2 Water Board, regulatory authority for the Napa River Watershed)

Introduction to the Water Board’s General Permit for Vineyard Properties (January 2018)

In July 2017, the Water Board adopted a General Permit that regulates pollutant discharges from vineyard properties in the Napa River and Sonoma Creek watersheds. Parcels in these watersheds that have been developed to include a 5-acre or larger vineyard are required to enroll in, and comply with, the General Permit. The Water Board has posted the General Permit on its website at:


The recent North Bay wildfires impacted many of the vineyards that are required to enroll in the General Permit. Water Board staff has created an interactive map which shows the burned perimeters of the Tubbs, Altas, and Nuns fires and those parcels that may qualify for the time extension. The map can be viewed here:


At its October 2017 meeting, the Water Board expressed its concerns about the impacts of the fires and a need to delay General Permit compliance by affected vineyards. Therefore, for vineyard properties located within the perimeters of the North Bay wildfires, the Water Board is writing now to extend: a) the deadline for enrollment in the General Permit by one year to July 2019; and b) the schedule of compliance by one year (beyond the dates specified in Table 1, p. A-12 of the General Permit). Vineyard properties not located within the perimeters of the North Bay wildfires are still required to enroll in the General Permit by July 2018 and to meet the compliance schedule specified in Table 1 therein. The Monitoring and Reporting Requirements for vineyard properties, as specified in Attachment E of the General Permit, have also been revised by the Executive Officer such that all Tier 2 and 3 dischargers will have an additional year to prepare the surface water quality monitoring plan (now due July 15, 2020) and the surface water quality monitoring report (now due July 15, 2023). The Water Board has posted the revised Monitoring and Reporting Requirements on its website at:


Please note that beginning early in 2018, Water Board staff plans to conduct public workshops in Napa and Sonoma counties to provide information on the General Permit, its enrollment process, requirements, and resources available to help vineyard property owners comply with the General Permit. In early 2018, it also plans to notify individual vineyard properties of their eligibility for the compliance extension.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mike Napolitano at 510-622-2397 or by email at michael.napolitano@waterboards.ca.gov, or Graham Brown at 510-622-2426 or by email at graham.brown@waterboards.ca.gov.