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“Membership doesn’t cost, it pays”

Your membership is an investment in your farm and home. Napa County Farm Bureau’s efforts help sustain our ag preserve and natural resources, helping businesses thrive and citizens enjoy a high quality of life. Even if you are not involved directly in agriculture, your investment helps preserve city-focused development and the working greenbelts around those cities. Farmers and their neighbors – we are in this together. Farm Bureau members are also entitled to numerous benefits, click here for a listing of current benefits.


Lead the Fight to Protect Napa Ag

Help us lead the fight to protect and promote Napa agriculture for generations to come

For over 40 years, Farm Bureau has led the efforts to protect our agricultural lands through the passage of the Ag Preserve and policies such as the “Right to Farm Ordinance”, the “Groundwater Protection Ordinance”, the “Winery Definition Ordinance”, and the creation of the Ag Preserve. Your additional support allows us to continue our advocacy on the major land use decisions in the county to sustain our agricultural economy and legacy.

Help spread the word about the importance of Agriculture

Farm Bureau strives to educate our community leaders and educators about the world of agriculture and the important role it plays in our lives. They, in turn, pass along their knowledge to students and the community. Through Agriculture In The Classroom and events such as Leadership Napa Valley, we spread the word about the importance of agriculture. Each year, the Aldo Delfino Scholarship Fund awards college scholarships to students pursuing careers in agriculture.

Reach Your Potential

Let Farm Bureau help you reach your potential

Keep current on regulations, issues pertaining to ag in Napa County and industry trends through the monthly Hotsheet, e-news plus the quarterly Grower Advocate. In addition, members receive either Ag Alert or California Country, both published by the California Farm Bureau Federation.

Members receive a membership card, invitation to the NCFB Annual Meeting as well as other member exclusive events.

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  • Invitation to Napa County Farm Bureau Annual Meetings & exclusive community events
  • Discounts on seminars to keep you current on regulations
  • Weekly Ag Alert for voting members
  • California Country magazine for community members
  • Monthly Hotsheet by mail or email
  • Quarterly Grower Advocate newsletter

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