The Napa County Farm Bureau, in conjunction with all of the other major groups representing the farming and winemaking community in Napa County, urges you to vote yes on reauthorizing the grower assessment supporting Napa’s farmworker housing centers so that Napa County can continue to provide safe, quality housing facilities for our farmworkers.

Assessment ballots are being mailed this week pertaining to re-authorization of County Service Area No. 4 (CSA #4), the collected funds of which are used to provide supplemental funding for the three farmworker housing centers known as the Calistoga Center, Mondavi Center, and the River Ranch Center. The ballot will ask you to endorse or reject the extension of this assessment for an additional five (5) year period.  Pursuant to pending state law, the new assessment may not exceed $15 per planted vineyard acre in any one year. The proposed assessment for fiscal year 2017/2018 is $10.00 per planted acre.

Napa Valley can be proud of the foresight and commitment demonstrated by its vineyard owners in enacting CSA 4, which provides for the only assessment of its kind in the country. Because of commitments like this, Napa is a model for agricultural responsibility and a leader in social sustainability.

These centers provide safe, quality, local housing for our farmworkers – ensuring that our valuable workforce is housed appropriately and is available when needed. The quality of our vineyards depends on having a skilled workforce at the ready.

Please be on the lookout for your ballot to be mailed this week from the County, and please vote yes on the re-authorization of CSA #4.

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