June 25, 2018



Napa, CA—The Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture is pleased that a majority of voters recognized that Measure C was not the best path forward to protect the watersheds and oak woodlands we all cherish.  While we recognize Measure C was written with good intentions in mind, there are simply too many flaws and unintended consequences that would have hurt rural property owners and farmers should the measure have passed.

While we are happy with the final outcome of this effort, we also recognize the divisions Measure C caused in our community.  Instead of furthering the divisions that were exposed during the campaign, we hope to sit down and discuss the issues with proponents of Measure C in the near future to look at opportunities to collaborate on efforts that better protect both agriculture and our environment.

To this end, beyond the joint Napa City and County Watershed Study that is currently underway, we urge the Napa County Board of Supervisors to appoint an independent panel of scientists, conservationists, engineers, watershed managers, agriculturalists and planning experts to conduct an in-depth review of existing rules and regulations governing watershed and oak woodland protection efforts, and identify opportunities to enhance or refine existing regulations if any issues arise for the betterment of our environment.

On behalf of the Napa County Farm Bureau and Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture, we hope to find a collaborative, conducive relationship with initiative proponents moving forward and put our differences aside to instead focus on what’s best for the future of Napa County’s agricultural economy and environment.

Ryan Klobas
Policy Director
Napa County Farm Bureau

# # #