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    Join the Napa County Farm Bureau

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    Ag in the Classroom

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NAPA COUNTY FARM BUREAU is a grass roots organization that began over 100 years ago when members banded together to share resources and promote agriculture throughout Napa County.

Today, the Napa County Farm Bureau (NCFB) is one of 53 county organizations under the umbrella of the California Farm Bureau Federation which operates by the philosophy that more can be accomplished for the good of agriculture by working collectively rather than individually.

This philosophy is witnessed in the Napa County Farm Bureau membership totaling over 700 local farmers and ranchers, individuals involved in production agriculture and non-farm members and businesses that support our goals, activities, and services. We are a voluntary, non-profit, non-governmental organization whose basic goal is to ensure the right political, social, and economic climate for the continuation of agriculture.

Today, NCFB strives to preserve land for agriculture, and creates policies and programs that allow us to maintain a high quality of life in the Napa Valley.

NCFB supports sustainable farming practices, and works with the community in order to achieve these goals. JOIN US.